In Discussion Forum 4, identify the forum in the subject line of your posting

In Discussion Forum 4 identify the forum in the subject line of your posting (e.g. Discussion Forum 4/Your Name). Post your response to the discussion topic(s) by the date indicated in the Course Calendar and comment onat leasttwo classmates responses. Adriana owns My Best Friend a pet grooming boutique. A high-end developer purchased a large tract of land nearby and is constructing luxury condominium townhomes. According to city records once the project is completed there will be approximately 180 new families in her immediate service area. Adriana is considering hiring a part-time groomer at an additional cost of $15 000 per year in wages.


She estimates a possible increase of $25 000 in net revenue as a result of increased business brought about by this change to the neighborhood. However there is also a chance of decreased demand for services should the bylaws of the owners association prohibit pets particularly coupled with existing competition from grooming services offered by large retail chain stores such as PetSmart. She projects a possible loss of $11 000 off last years net revenue. Data show that 75% of regional associations allow pets; whereby the other 25% are pet-free communities. Adriana believes that if she does not hire the part-time worker her business would generate the same revenue as the prior year. Do you think Adriana should hire a groomer? Support your objective advice using quantitative data analysis by applying probability theory relative to the estimated value of hiring the new groomer. Your explanation should include (1) a decision tree diagram (using Excel) to assist in evaluating Adrianas dilemma; and (2) a recommendation of a course of action which explicitly explains why Adriana should take your counsel. Identify uncertainty and risk and use the decision tree diagram and any numerical data to back up your position.MO3.1 MO3.2Your initial posting should be to 300 words. Before posting revise your composition to ensure that it is written in the objective third person and is free of grammar and structure errors. As this activity is a dialog exercise engage peers by responding in a way that professionally supports or challenges the discourse. Once the due date of the forum is past your contributions are still welcome; however they will not be considered by your mentor in determining your forum grade.

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    • […] BUT stories can also repair that broken dignity. As we take this 8-week journey together part of my goal as your professor and facilitator will be for all of us to consider our personal Stories as well as the Stories weve been told and believe about communicating inside and outside of our respective cultures. If there is one defining point of Chapter 1 “ 2 it is to help us realize that a) we are a part of a globalized ever changing multicultural world b) the primary ingredient is human communication “ something we all do and finally c) cultural differences like gender roles group orientation aging and social skills influence our personal familial and community perspectives. As I stated in our syllabus each of us has been socialized in different ways over the course of our lives. We have been taught the correct behavior from our families communities and various other relational connections. For each of us this socialization affects who we are and how we behave more than we realize. We have to begin with ourselves to unpack how we view our own Interculturalbehaviors and competencies. To begin this weeks discussion: 1) ViewChimamanda The Danger of aSingle Story(Links to an external site.) ( 2) After you view her TED Talk read through chapter 1 “ 3 and consider one concluding discussion of culture in human behavior. The authors observe even though culture is an instrumental variable in human interaction there can be problems. As such they offer four caveats to clarify the link between culture and communication. From your personal perspective how dothefour caveats (see specifically chapter 1) help you understand culture in human behavior? 3) Finally use theDanger of a SingleStory to explain howChimamandaacknowledges that we can get both culture and the communication of culture wrong? What is an example she offers of the problems with a single story?… […]

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